The Benefits of Goal Setting

If the thought of setting goals makes you say, “Meh!  Nope!” you may want to change your tune.  Setting achievable, measurable goals helps you:

Find your focus.  Every day we’re bombarded with opportunities, choices, decisions, etc. Goals help you focus on what you

want so that you can filter out everything else that will throw you off cours.

Take action.  Once you write down your goal and create a plan, you’re more motivated to put it into action.  Reviewing your goals regularly will help you reconnect with your motivation so that you can stay on track to achieve success.

Deal better with setbacks.  When you have a specific goal, you’re more likely to see a setback as a challenge to overcome rather than an unachievable or impossible obstacle.  You’ll keep moving forward and get back on track.

Feel a sense of accomplishment.  The surge of energy that you feel when you complete your goal is unlike anything in th world.  All of the hard work and sacrifices you made along the way will make your success much sweeter.  Achieving your goals boosts confidence in yourself and your abilities and may make you happier.


3 Secrets of Goal-Getters

Improve your chances of achieving your goals this year with these helpful tips:

1. Get S.M.A.R.T.  That is, set goals that are Specific and written, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic in time and skill, and Time-based.

2. Find an accountability partner.  An accountability partner is someone who will make sure that you complete the activities required to achieve your goal, whether it’s checking in with you once a day asking about your progress or providing encouragement when you need it the most.

3.  Have a “why”.  Having a reason to achieve your goals will keep you motivated, especially when you’re tempted to give up.


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