2013 Brings Higher Postage Rates

Postage rates are going up a penny on January 27, 2013. The Postal Service increased postage prices last year at the same time. The self-supporting government agency is looking to increase revenue and stabilize its finances in an age where more people are relying on the Internet to communicate and pay their bills.

Postage Rate Increases:
• Letters, additional ounces: 20 cents (unchanged) Go to USPS.com for more information
• Letters (1 ounce): $0.46 (increased 1 cent) • Postcards: 33 cents (increased 1 cent)
• Letters to all international destinations (1 ounce): $1.10
Save time and money by printing your postage labels from your computer.
Go to USPS.com for more information and to order your shipping supplies.




Save money and buy ForeverTM stamps before the increase takes effect. These stamps are always valued at the current letter rate.

Take the Guesswork out of Shipping Costs:

Go to postcalc.usps.gov to estimate your shipping costs, both domestically and internationally.

Send letters to family and friends around the world for one set price!
The Postal Service will begin issuing the Global Forever Stamp, which will allow people to send standard First-Class Mail letters to people all over the world for only $1.10.
Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping Prices Are on the Rise
It’ll cost a bit more to ship Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes to destinations within the United States. However, tracking will be available free of charge.
• Small box: $5.80 (an increase of $0.45)
• Medium box: $12.35 (an increase of $1.00)
• Large box: $16.85 (an increase of $1.40)
• Large APO/FPO box: $14.85 (an increase of $1.40)
• Regular envelope: $5.60 (an increase of $0.45)
• Legal envelope: $5.75 (an increase of $0.45)
• Padded envelope: $5.95 (an increase of $0.65)
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